All core book kiths are fine, as are those from Winter Masques. I’d like to add a couple of my own (they’ll be on their own page), and will probably agree to player requests (especially if they’re grounded in any real-world faerie mythology.

I’ll also consider requests to have kiths with a different seeming to usual, but to be honest most kiths work best with their existing seeming.

Freebies and Flaws

There’ll be freebie points for added character customisation, 10 per character plus bonus for bio/backstory/NPCs:

  • 5 points per attribute dot (10 for fifth)
  • 2 points per ability dot (4 for fifth)
  • 1 per ability specialisation
  • 7 points per contract dot
  • 1 point per merit dot (2 for fifth)
  • 2 points per willpower dot
  • 2 points per clarity dot
  • Wyrd can’t be bought up, but I might start everyone at 3

Flaws from oWoD games are available at their normal benefit, provided I like them and they translate easily enough.