A curious rail incident leaves a secret aftermath

And finally…

Rail workers last night reported that London Underground Limited had ‘lost’ one of its trains. The last Northern Line service for the night left Euston at 12:47am, but according to station staff did not arrive at Camden Town until 2:39am, almost two hours later.

Search parties walked the tunnels after contact was lost with the missing train – six carriages of 1995 stock – but found no sign of it along the main tunnel or in sidings. One member of the late shift at Mornington Crescent was quoted as saying that the train did not pass through there at all.

When eventually the train arrived at Camden, the driver and all eight remaining passengers were said to be uninjured and in good spirits, although a little confused. None of them have been able to explain what happened to the train, or where they were for the missing two hours.