General principles

  • The next game will have no significant time-skipping. It’ll run day-to-day (or night-to-night) so that players can be more closely related to their plans and objectives (and to some extent so that they don’t have to worry about them between sessions).
  • For a similar reason, I expect the next game to either be based around a single place (probably a city) in which the players can have plans and contacts, or be about their journey to complete some mission.
  • It would be nice if it didn’t involve the players having to leaf through a big catalogue of special abilities. But many of the best systems I have do that, so we might put up with it.

List of potential games

In approximate order of priority:

  • Foremost is probably new World of Darkness humans.
    • It might be in a university.
    • Or a police station, hospital or similar process-driven, formal setting.
  • Cyberpunk. Still. Shadowrun is a fine setting (I suppose), but the rules are terrible.
  • Or other WoD:
    • I’d like to run Wraith (because I’ve been watching Being Human), but it’s hardcore and a bit too complicated and has oWoD rules. I might look at Geist, but it would probably be with a view to porting in the Wraith setting.
    • I’d like to run Werewolf (because it’s awesome). Again, that’s probably a case of porting the oWoD setting into the nWoD rules.
  • I’d like to run Scion (because I saw the Percy Jackson films lately), but those rules are so broken I probably can’t bring myself to do it.
  • Something combat-heavy, with a homebrew system. I do want to write a combat system, but I might be more likely to make it a board game and play it for a session at a time than for a full campaign.
  • Something fantasy. It could be D&D3[.5]e, although it’s not as stable as I’d like. It may or may not be 5e, since I don’t like multiclassing in 5e. It wouldn’t be 4e; too much setup.
    • I might be tempted to have some other fantasy, such as porting Ravenloft to BRP or HARP.

I feel an inventory of my RPG books coming on; I may add to the list then.