If you’re looking for your Astartes character, try here.

This is the new look (ugly, isn’t it. I should work on that) of my gaming site, with odds and ends for my tabletop roleplaying games and similar. I decomissioned the old site in a hurry (too much as it happens) and don’t intend to restore everything that was there, at least not without writing something to batch the pages out of the database dump.

The Fading Suns stuff might go back up if I ever run it again. Screaming Twenties might come back, but we’ll see. 3rd edition D&D almost certainly won’t. I do have the data, so if you’re in a hurry to see any of it, get in touch.

Site navigation is with the links to the left. I will be making other improvements as I go (the milestone for this version of the CMS was getting the database schema right).